United Auto Sales
Closed. Opens Monday at 10:00 AM

Required Documents

List of paperwork essential to hasten the purchase of your automobile, truck, or SUV at United Auto Sales:

  • Driver’s License
  • Most-Recent 30-Day Paystubs/W2 for Self-Employed
  • Proof of Residence

For Purchases With Trade-In:

  • Vehicle’s VIN
  • Mileage
  • Payoff Information (If trade-in is still with a lienholder)

Note: A trade-in vehicle with no payoff and no title in hand requires a $150 duplicate title fee

Acceptable Proof of Residency Documents:

  • Computer-generated bill
  • Bank statement
  • Pre-printed pay stub
  • W-2 form, property or excise tax bill, or Social Security Administration or pension retirement annual benefits summary statement
  • Medicaid or Medicare benefit statement
  • Current valid homeowners, renters, or motor vehicle insurance policy
  • Current motor vehicle loan payment book
  • Residential mortgage
  • Child support check stub
  • First-class mail from federal or state court or agency
  • Change-of-address confirmation