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Buying New vs Used Cars

Starting the hunt for your next vehicle is an adventure. Whether looking to cruise down Seward Highway in a sleek sedan or tackle errands around Anchorage, Alaska, in a sturdy SUV, you’re left with the same decision: purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle.

At United Auto Sales, we're here to guide you through buying new vs. used cars, ensuring you have all the info you need to make a choice that feels good for you. Contact us directly if you have any additional questions!

Why Buy New?

Getting a new car is your chance to jump into the driver's seat of innovation, experiencing the freshest advancements in car engineering and tech firsthand. Whether your interests are everchanging or you have a model you’re loyal to, buying new means you get to evolve alongside the latest releases.

For those who dream of a car that's as unique as they are, many brands offer the chance to custom-order your next vehicle online. Tailor your ride to fit your exact needs and wants, from the color down to the smallest detail.

Why Buy Used?

When diving into the world of used cars, the options are endless, with every make, model, design, and year you could imagine just waiting to be discovered. Who knows? You might just stumble upon that one discontinued model you've been dreaming about, the one that got away but now might be within reach.

With the steepest depreciation curve already behind it, a used car allows you to stretch your dollar further, getting you a more premium vehicle than you might afford if it were brand new. When the need for an automobile is immediate, used cars shine with their ready-to-go availability. A used car can be yours as soon as you say yes.

Choosing a pre-owned vehicle is also a nod toward environmental stewardship, reducing the demand for new car manufacturing and, consequently, an ecological footprint. It's a choice that says you care about the planet as much as you do about getting a great rate.

Introducing Our Used Car Dealership

At our used car dealership, we pride ourselves on cultivating a collection that's as diverse as the needs and dreams of our customers. From vintage classics that have stood the test of time to recent models re-entering the lot, our inventory is a treasure trove waiting to be explored.

Kick-start your adventure from the comfort of your home by diving into our online selection. With just a few clicks, you can navigate a world of choices, using filters to narrow down your search by the traits you value most.

For those who crave the thrill of a firsthand look, our doors are open for you to come by and experience our lineup in person. Our knowledgeable staff will be right there with you, ready to offer their guidance and answer any questions you might have.

Test Drive a Used Vehicle at Our Dealership!

The choice between buying new vs. used cars ultimately rests in your hands. If your interest leans toward buying used, our team at United Auto Sales is dedicated to finding the perfect vehicle for your needs.

Book a test drive near Anchorage, AK, today, and let us help you discover the car that's right for you!